S A M U E L   L O C K

Samuel Lock is the author of five plays, four novels, and a recently completed Memoir, called ‘To & Fro goes the Way’, that reflects upon his long and varied career. First (and before he turned to writing) as a painter and a designer.

In the late 1950s he exhibited paintings in two London galleries and designed several productions in the theatre – including at Oxford, where he helped the director, Frank Hauser, to set up The Oxford Playhouse Company, and where he worked on its first five productions. These included the designs for Cocteau’s  ‘Les Chevaliers de la Table Ronde’     ( translated by W.H.Auden ) and Elias Canetti’s, ‘The Numbered’ , that was later made into an opera by Elizabeth Lutyens . He also designed the world premier of Robert Bolt’s play, ‘The Tiger & The Horse’, starring Sir Michael and Vanessa Redgrave, at the Queen’s Theatre in London.

For a while, and before he finally took up the pen, he also worked in the documentary cinema; and a film he made in collaboration with the director, Paul Dickson, called ‘Stone Into Steel’, won a major prize – the Mercurio D’Oro – at the Venice film Festival in 1960.

His writing has been greatly admired by Iris Murdoch, Edmund White, Beryl Bainbridge, Alan Hollinghurst and the American poet, James Merrill; and in 1996, his first novel, ‘As Luck would Have It’, that had been published by Jonathan Cape, won The Society of Authors ‘ Sagittarius Award.

Samuel Lock has lived in Chelsea since 1958; was a close friend of the painter, Ceri Richards and his wife, Frances; and until his untimely death in 1995, shared the artist’s studio in which he still lives with the painter, Adrien de Menasce.

There is now an ‘entry’ about him in Debrett’s  ‘People of Today’; and in 2001, he was made a Fellow of The Royal Society of Literature. His most recent piece of writing is a collection of forty-five poems, called  ‘In Corners of Great Rooms’

List of Titles – books, plays etc.



‘As Luck Would Have It’ , ‘ Nothing but the Truth’,

‘The Whites of Gold’ – and ‘Inside Oliver’s Head’.


‘Varney’, The House Inside’, ‘Explosion in the Mine’,

‘The Likes of Us’ – and ‘Gilgamesh’


‘To & Fro goes the Way’



‘Words I Have Known’

( – a book of extracts from the author’s Commonplace

books that covers more than thirty years of reading.)

‘In Corners of Great Rooms’

(- a collection of twenty six poems, together with a

suite of nineteen love poems.)

‘Dream the Right Dreams’

( – an unusual Notebook that follows the course of

an inner journey.)


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